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Ms. Darla

Hello. My name is Darla Wilcox. I've been blessed to be a three year old teacher for eight years at Holy Cross. I have worked with many ages of children, but my heart has always been with the preschool age. I believe the first five years of a child's life are the foundation years of learning. Many valuable life lessons are learned in these years. Not only do children learn how to take care of themselves, but they learn how to treat others. This helps them to be respectable and successful members in our society. 
At Holy Cross the staff believes each child is a special and unique individual which we want to see develop and flourish. We believe in the "whole child" concept of teaching every part of a child's life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I feel very privileged to be able to teach about God. A day in preschool is filled with many wonderful teaching moments.
One of my favorite times of the day is circle time. This is when the children as a class learn the topics of the day, sing fun songs, have group discussions, read books, and learn how to be in a group setting. Art is also a very important part for self expression. One of the best things about being a preschool teacher is seeing a child learn how to swing for the first time and watching a child learn how to write the first letter of his/her name. These are great moments! 
I have been married for thirty four years and have two daughters, ages twenty six and seventeen. My family is my joy. I personally enjoy taking walks, listening to beautiful music, watching cooking and baking shows, going window shopping and just being in my back yard having a good cup of coffee. 

Teacher Wish List


Glue Sticks


Water Colors (Crayola Tray)


Dot Art Stampers


Small Happy Face Stickers


Hand Sanitizer


Teacher Note Pads


Pip Squeak Markers by Crayola

Play Dough.png



White Board Markers


Seasonal Stickers


Extra Clothes (For Accidents)


Sharpies of All Colors


Plastic Bags (Shopping and Ziploc)

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