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About Our School

Our Philosophy

We believe:

  • Each child is a unique gift from God

  • It is our responsibility to walk and live the faith, providing children with an example of the life God desires us to live

  • Our school should provide a safe and loving learning environment where children feel confident to explore, learn, communicate, and relate to others

  • Parents and guardians are their children’s primary teachers. We are committed to embrace, support, and partner with them, so the children gain tremendous advantages at home and at school

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy

Our Purpose

  • Guide and support each child’s social, emotional, academic, physical, and spiritual development

  • Prepare children to succeed in school and life as self-directed learners and responsible citizens

  • Teach the Gospel and foster the development of Christian character

  • Promote a love of learning, exploration, inquiry, problem solving, and critical thinking

  • Foster a sense of belonging and healthy relationships

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