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Ms. DeAnna


Hi.  I'm Ms. DeAnna, and I am a preschool teacher in the 3-year-old program here at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy.  I truly believe that teaching young children is my calling. I am passionate about Early Childhood Education, and I love watching children learn and grow. I took a long hiatus from teaching to raise my 2 daughters, but prior to doing so, I taught Pre-K for Santa Clara Unified School District, and I was the Education Coordinator and Pre-k teacher for a local Childcare facility.


My husband and I have lived in Rocklin for over 20 years. We have 2 amazing daughters who have benefited greatly from living in this beautiful community.  We are a very active family. We enjoy watching and participating in a variety of sports. In our free time, we like traveling, walking our 2 dogs, and just being together.  


My goal is to create a nurturing and loving environment where children can develop the joy and confidence needed to thrive in learning. In addition to my position here, I am also an executive on the board of a local nonprofit youth soccer club. I consider myself to be an advocate for all children. I love sharing ideas with others and spreading kindness, and I feel blessed to be working with all of the children and staff here at Holy Cross.

Teacher Wish List

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Googly Eyes.jpg

Googly Eyes

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Kinetic Sand

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Colored Markers

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Large Kid Stencils

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 3.09.38 PM.png

Large Rubber Stamps

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 3.16.43 PM.png

Charlotte Diamond Music CDs



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Lacing Cards

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Large Stamp Pads

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 3.18.16 PM.png

Laurie Berkner   Music CDs

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