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Ms. Anna

Hi! I am Ms. Anna. I am on the Pre-K team here at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy and have been here since 2011. I had a licensed daycare for thirteen years and taught preschool before that. My husband and I have been married for thirty-three years this June! We live in Roseville and have been blessed with four children and five grandchildren with one more on the way! I love spending my days exploring, creating, and laughing with the children. I believe in the balance of the whole child. The activities we do throughout the day will emphasize strong motor, creative, cognitive, communication, and social skills...and how much God loves us! Some of my favorite things are fall, tacos, donuts, caramel frappes, anything pink and sparkly, and chocolate!

Teacher Wish List


Glue Sticks

Googly Eyes.jpg

Googly Eyes



Pom Poms.jpg

Pom Poms

Shaving Cream.jpg

Shaving Cream 

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Baking Soda.jpg

Baking Soda


Craft Glitter

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