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Ms. Erin

Hello!  I am Ms. Erin and I have been a substitute teacher here at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy since September 2022. I have over 25 years of experience working with young children and families both in a classroom setting and a caregiving setting.

I am from a small town in northern California where I grew up on 10 acres.  In 1998 I earned my BA degree in Psychology with a minor in Early Childhood Development from Humboldt State University.  I met my husband while on a student exchange in Pennsylvania as he was completing his degree at

Penn State University.  Consequently we are big college football fans!  Jim and I were married in 2000 and we moved to Rocklin in 2005.  We have 2 sons who attend Rocklin High School.  


Prior to having my own children, I taught in Pre-K and Toddler Programs in the North Bay, and then worked as the Lead Caregiver for 18 month - 3yr olds at a Home Daycare program in Oregon.  During this time it became clear how much I enjoyed working closely with parents.  Upon returning to California I settled into a Preschool Teacher position in a 3 year old class where I co-taught for 4 years.   


My decision to stay home with my boys was some of my most formative years as I learned how to become a parent.  It gave me a unique perspective.  As I stayed home with my sons, I found ways to continue my work experience.  I became a Lead Teacher in our church's 3's classroom.  As well, I became an active volunteer in my children's elementary school and continued to substitute teach in a preschool over the past 13 years.  I continue to learn from young children every time I am able to spend time with them.


I enjoy hiking, kayaking, swimming, skiing with my boys, snowshoeing, and road biking.  In 2019 I completed my first Tour de Tahoe bike ride and my goal is to complete one more!  At home you can find me reading, cooking, gardening, and walking our golden retriever and German shepherd.  However, my very favorite activity by far is sitting next to my husband in the bleachers cheering on our sons at their football and lacrosse games.

Teacher Wish List


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