Parent Testimonials

Quality early childhood education and childcare solutions are within your reach here at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy. Since we were established, we have served countless families in Rocklin, CA and surrounding area. Learn more about our school by reading what parents say about us....

We chose Holy Cross as the school for our son after a bad experience at another pre-school that had a hardcore environment; both rules and academics. Our son had gone from a child that loved to go to school to a boy with a stifled spirit around anything school-related. Within weeks of starting at Holy Cross, his interest in school has once again blossomed. He is learning more than at his previous school because he enjoys the environment and they seem to make learning fun. He no longer has complaints about homework (he gets it every day, but it is manageable for his age range), and no more complaints about going to school. He is now in the TK program at Holy Cross, and we are so happy with the small ratios and his progress. We have no doubt that he will be successful in Kindergarten. Holy Cross is a great group of diverse children, and the teachers and staff really care about each child. Every member of the staff knows our son’s name. In short, Holy Cross gets it right with a balance of academics, discipline, and fun. You cannot force children to learn, rather encourage them to embrace learning new things, and we think Holy Cross balances this quite well.

- Patrick and Victoria D.

My husband and I wanted to find a Christian preschool for our children so that their first exposure to a ‘real’ school would start with a solid foundation and ‘back-up’ the values we were teaching at home. We were not only impressed with the facilities and staff of Holy Cross, but the way faith is integrated into the curriculum in a natural, memorable way. Our kids come home singing new worship songs and reciting prayers they’ve learned. We so appreciate the foundation the school has helped us build as we entrust our kids to the ‘real world’ away from home. Thank you for loving and teaching our children!

- Carla G.

We visited most if not all the preschools in Rocklin, and Holy Cross felt like home when we first walked through the door. The staff is very warm and caring. This is exactly what we were looking for because I feel in order for a child to succeed and learn, they first have to feel safe and loved.

- Serena O.

We chose Holy Cross Preschool because we like that the school is small and that the child to teacher ratio is low. The modest price was a motivating factor. The staff is very loving, caring, and understanding. Our child’s education has progressed well beyond our expectations. We are impressed with our teacher’s ability to enhance our child’s letter and number comprehension. We love that our child is constantly involved in hands on educational activities. Our boy loves his friends, but he really enjoys learning about holidays and all the activities that go with it. According to our son, he doesn’t like a daily routine, but he’s very unhappy without the structure. So he loves the daily routine and structure. To us, as parents, the greatest benefit is the safety and trust that we feel in the staff’s ability to protect, provide, and educate our precious boy. Holy Cross has also helped us as a family become part of a community.

- Rochelle P.

I chose Holy Cross for my son’s preschool and kindergarten because of the overall wellness of the school. It uses a curriculum that follows expectations for the state and the teachers teach it with patience, knowledge, compassion, and love. I don’t think I’ve met a teacher that wasn’t great! The facility has lots of toys, outdoor equipment, and educational tools that make learning fun for the kids. My boys even love the decorations and paintings in the hallways and classrooms. I appreciate their security process with the coded door and sign out sheets. One of my favorite things is that they do incorporate spiritual wellness as well. They teach them about God and model a Christ-like love. My son has flourished in his academics and social experience. I have volunteered in class and seen how well they work with the children, especially Mrs. Kim. This is a wonderful, safe, loving, compassionate education center. I highly recommend it!

- Lynn H.

Prior to moving our family here from the central coast in November 2013, I had a positive experience in just one phone call to Holy Cross Preschool. I called and spoke to Ms. Chris and I could hear such positivity and pride in her voice as we chatted about the facility, staff, students, and curriculum. I knew that this school would be the one we needed to have our child enrolled in, but she wasn’t 2 years old yet! We waited, and in Feb. 2014 our daughter attended. Shortly after that, our son attended TK there! The staff is friendly, loving and so much more! The school is clean and well maintained. The school-based curriculum is very beneficial to all the children. My daughter has learned to feel confident and independent. She feels safe and is learning something new daily. She learns God’s teachings, songs and prayer. She learns fairness and kindness. She received guidance with potty training and was trained before the age of 2 ½ with the help of Holy Cross! Our son has also benefited so much with Holy Cross! We love this school and are so happy this is also our church family.

- Heidi L.

Being a full-time mother, I was determined to find the best preschool to my 2 and 4 year old children when we moved to Rocklin. After 2 weeks of online research and almost 20 different schools and preschools in Rocklin, Roseville, and Granite Bay visited, I found Holy Cross. Holy Cross not only met my high expectations as far as organization and cleanliness, but also was by far the most inviting environment I have experienced. They have a wonderful staff of mature, experienced people that make you feel like your child is in your family’s hands. The religious approach, independent of our choice of religion, makes it absolutely great to see our children singing and praying and understanding the importance of faith in our lives. We could not be happier!

- Cintia O. 

6 years ago, we chose Holy Cross for our son and it was everything we wanted and more. Last year when it was time for our daughter to start preschool, we were so excited to come back to Holy Cross. We think of the teachers and staff at Holy Cross as family, as they have had a hand in helping to raise and educate our children. The small class sizes help to foster a relationship between the teachers and families. All students receive quality, age-appropriate education with the important balance between social and academic development. My children and the rest of the students at Holy Cross thrive because of the loving and nurturing environment.

- Ken and Jen N.

We started looking for a preschool for our son when he is at the age of 2. Although the community offers many daycares and preschools, it was difficult to find one that offered both. We wanted our son in a learning environment (not a babysitting center), but we also needed extended care. We found that at Holy Cross Preschool. They provided us a preschool (part-time) atmosphere, which offered all-day care when we needed it. In this atmosphere, our son learned, made friends, and became very capable of interacting with teachers long before he would have had he not gone to school. In every class he moved up to he was cared for, loved, and taught. Whenever there was an issue with his behavior we were contacted but always treated with respect. Now, he is in TK and enrolling in kindergarten for the fall at Holy Cross. They offer an amazing program with small class size and a ton of extra help during the day. This cannot be found in public schools where the class sizes are overwhelming. He is confident with his skills and again when special help was needed he has been given the extra care to help him succeed. At no time have we ever felt that his best interest was not the most important thing at this school. Looking for a school or daycare center can be very stressful. Leaving your child in someone else’s care for an hour or all day is very difficult. When you find a group of people that you share your values, and are an extension of your family, it is simply a blessing. This is how we feel about Holy Cross–it has truly been a blessing to our family.

- Mike and Michele C.

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