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Preschool in Rocklin, CA

8:45 a.m.–12 p.m.

Before-School and After-School Care Available

Our preschool program at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy is tailored for children who turn 3 by September 2nd and are fully toilet-trained. Using the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence, our teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities in an engaging and supportive environment that meet the individual needs and learning styles of each child.

Children are encouraged to practice skills that will help prepare them for what comes next in pre-kindergarten and beyond. Our goal is to generate excitement for learning while fostering an attitude of belief in self for solving problems, thinking critically, completing new tasks, and communicating needs to peers as well as adults. Intellectual development and language skills are critical for preschoolers. For children who have already attended our school, we are able to build on the foundation established in our preschool prep program.

We use curriculum and assessments that follow the California content area and learning objectives for preschool. Read information on our curriculum and the standards for preschool from the California Department of Education and the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence.

Why Join Our Preschool Programs?

For Roseville area residents looking for a reputable Christian preschool for their little ones, Holy Cross Lutheran Academy has been voted the "Best Preschool in Rocklin" several consecutive years. Our early childhood learning center offers half-day educational programs along with morning and afternoon childcare.

What Makes Our Preschool Programs the Best?

Parents confidently choose Holy Cross Lutheran Academy's preschool prep and preschool programs because of the Christian environment and staff’s dedication to nourishing and enriching each child’s mind, body, and spirit. Holy Cross Lutheran Academy is committed to providing a safe, engaging environment where children flourish and build a strong foundation for future learning success.

Sound teaching practices coupled with hands-on experiences help expand each child’s understanding of the world around them while simultaneously working to develop critical-thinking skills. These advanced intentions make our programs stand out among the rest.

What to Expect From Preschool

Upon entering preschool, teachers place a strong emphasis on building language and literacy skills in addition to mathematics, communication, scientific reasoning, social studies, time and space, visual and performing arts, as well as movement and coordination. The skills acquired in preschool will facilitate your child's transition to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs.

Preschool Curriculum

Our teachers believe in the importance of giving children a strong academic foundation in a loving Christian atmosphere. In addition to academics, our programs emphasize gardening, music, cooking, and library skills. We even include Bible studies on an age-appropriate level. When you meet our staff in person, you will have a better understanding of our commitment and dedication to each student.

Morning, Afternoon, and Summer Childcare

For parents who want to give their children additional learning opportunities, we offer before-school and after-school enrichment programs. We also provide childcare services during the summer!